To create a new group on Guildflow visit:

There you’ll see a form asking for the following information:

Group Name
A good group name should find a balance between being descriptive, fun, terse, memorable and unique. Can be easily changed later if needed.

Website Subdomain
In the long run we encourage our groups to setup their own domain but to get started you can pick a custom subdomain. Like your name, this can be changed later.

The subdomain you pick will ultimate help define the website URL that people use to visit your group. For example a group subdomain of abc will make the group website:

When you hit Create Group you’ll group will be created and you’ll be sent to the group website where you can finish setup.

The first page of Group Setup will ask for some group identity information, including:

Group Name: A short name that is displayed in the main header area.
Summary: A short, plain-text description of the group that will appear on the home page and in any public group listings.

On the second page you’ll be asked if this group should be considered a Private Group or Public Group.

The differences are described within the form. This designation, like most things can be changed later if needed.

On the third and final page of Group Setup you can create your own Member Account which will be the group owner. The form will ask for:

First Name
Last Name

You’ll also be asked to agree to the Guildflow terms and policies as well as have an opportunity to sign up to the monthly announcements newsletter.

With your Member Account details supplied you can Setup Group.

With your group setup, you’ll be automatically signed in and shown the home page.

Because this is a new group there will no events and no other members, which causes a “Attention” notice to be shown with links to solve those problems.

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