To create a new event, you’ll visit the Manage Group admin area. From there you can browse all the events of the group, as well as create new events from scratch.

The Create Event form asks for:

Title: A short, meaningful title that uniquely describes the event. Try to avoid repetitive titles like “Monthly Meeting”. Required.
Description: A long form overview of what the event is about written using Markdown.
Video Chat URL: If this event will happen online, use this field to record the URL members should click to join the event. This URL will only be shared with members who RSVP.
Starts at Date: The date the event will take place on.
Starts at Time: The time the event will being. The time zone is assumed based on the current time zone of the signed in admin member.
Duration in Hours: How long the event will last. This will be used to generate an Ends at Date/Time for display.

A title is the only required property to save a new event, though only events with a starts at date/time will be publicly listed on the website and be available for members to RSVP to.

When viewing an Event in the Manage Group admin area you are presented a much more data-centric presentation. On the group website events are presented with a much more rich and interactive presentation.

Event Detail in Manage Group:

Event Detail on the group website (as a signed in member):

If you are signed in as an admin, you can quickly edit an event from the main website with the “Edit as Admin” link near the title. This is only shown to admin members.