How you get new Members into your Group can vary depending on the privacy level of the group. This article reviews a typical flow for a Public Group.

For public groups, use Membership Applications

Membership Applications are prominently displayed on the group website for non-signed in members and have a the url similar to:

Anyone interested in joining a group should be encouraged to fill out a Membership Application. Upon submission the owner of the group will get an email directing them to review the Membership Application inside the “Manage Group” admin section.

A list of Open Membership Applications:

A specific Open Membership Application:

Upon review you can choose to Accept or Decline the application.

Upon Accept: The applicant will receive an email with an Invite link they can use to join the group.

Upon Decline: The applicant will receive a short email informing them they have been declined.

The invite link will offer a form the applicant can use to create a Member Account in the group.

From within the “Manage Group” admin area you can also generate Invite links manually. These invite links do expire seven days after creation.